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Why Should you join?  

Here is what the kids say...

"I've been in Indian Princesses for five years. It's a lot of fun but the best part is making new friends and then getting to hang out with them." - Kiley

"I have been in Indian Guides for 4 years and it has been more fun than any boy scouts that I have ever heard of. We go on lots of campouts and sleepover at a museum every year." -Alex

Here is what the fathers say...

"This program has allowed me to do things with my son and with my daughter that I would not have been able to do on my own.  This program enables fathers/daughters and fathers/sons to connect while doing some very cool activities."-Lance

 What does it cost?

The program fees are paid once per year.  This program fee only covers the cost of registration and does not cover the cost to attend the events.

If you are member of the BR Ryall YMCA, then your rates are as follows…

             1st child  $30.00, each additional child is $15.00 each

If you are not a member of the BR Ryall YMCA, then your rates are as follows…

             1st child  $65.00, each additional child is $20.00 each.

How to Register?

If you are returning to the program and have been assigned a tribe, click below.

If you are a new to the program or have not been assigned a tribe, please click below.

Got Questions?  Email the Federation Organizer HERE.

We will never turn anyone away for financial reasons!  Please contact the YMCA at 630.858.0100 to inquire about financial assistance.

Returning and already know your tribe

Registration is now open for 2014-2015 season!

Click Here if you are returning to the program and already know your tribe New and don't know your tribe Click Here if you are new to the program and don't know your tribe Click here if you are new but already know which tribe you want to be in